Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Art Walk

Before arriving to Richmond I pictured it rich with colonial history and American flags hanging from the porches. You would not disagree with this proclamation after seeing the statues driving down Monument Avenue and seeing the different museums (Edgar Allen Poe Museum, Museum of Confederacy, The John Marshall House) that add to the unique architecture Richmond has. Architecture that would be dandy for artists gathering creative inspiration. On the first Friday of every month, Richmond closes off Broad Street to celebrate it's artistic culture for the First Friday's Artwalk. Turning stores, coffee shops, and alley's into galleries. Galleries that host all forms and levels (my personal judgement) of art. One thing the city of Richmond presents to artists that most cities do not is accessibility. This month, one side of the street was blocked off for a staged fashion show. As I was distracted by Sriram dancing to the New Orleans brass band walking down the street, no one could ignore the lighted lanterns on top of the gown being worn in the fashion show. The designers were from the highly regarded Arts program at VCU that is located in a new Never-Never Land for the arts enthused.