Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cross Canadian Culture

My roommate and I were a few of the younger ones to attend Cross Canadian Ragweed at Toad's Place. They started the night off with one of my favorites, Alabama. Ironically, the band name has no association with the country Canada. The name comes from a combination of the band members names that have been friends since they were ten years old. It was good to see country rock bring out the cowboy hats on a Richmond Sunday night. If these Richmond faithful hadn't been feeling the music, which the forty-year lady to my right dancing like we were at a Lil Wayne concert showed they were, they were sure to admire the inked skin of lead singer Cody Canada (pictured above). If there is one observation I have made during my time in Richmond, it is there is a culture for body art. It is most apparent at the gym where people have the chance year round to wear shorts and show off their skulls, baby daughter, or the ever original Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Why is the canvas between the knee and ankle getting more attention from the needle than any other? I personally can't speak on what the experience is like getting a tattoo, besides what I've seen on "Miami Ink." The closest thing my body has been to being designed was when I got a monkey henna tattoo on my left tat in Puerto Vallarta. By the end of the week it was a ear and a curly tail...

I have yet to see a flattering tattoo on a calf. So my questions is, what would make someone choose the calves before a shoulder blade, arm, or pectoral? Is it easier to pump out a few calf raisers then bench press? Or is it part of this niche culture within the "artsy" city of Richmond?