Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Before Branded Water

Technology is replacing human interaction and humans itself. Soon we will be having robots serving us at fast food chains. Handing us vegan dip n' dots as we sit in our self-driven car. Instead of speeding and DWI's, courtrooms will be taken over by copyright infringement and illegal proxy server cases.

A little factoid:
There are a trillion websites in the world. One-hundred and fifty times more than there are humans. Without sleep or food, it would take over 500 years to view them all. Technology experts are telling us it is just a matter of time before the computer begins to out thinks us. Has it not already? I'm not sure how to use a fourth of my applications...

When I read the trades, I'm reminded why my interest lies in advertising. The industry changes everyday alongside technology. Changing and forming pop culture. If you aren't out learning everyday, you are two days behind the Adjunk fighting for the same business down the street.

I read, "Southern Comfort is taking their $8 million media budget that they spent on cable TV and magazines last year and building their brand entirely through the digital space this year on the following sites: facebook, spin, fadar, thrillist, pitchfork, and hulu."

"Mastercard's priceless campaign extends into an iPhone app ("priceless" favorites), a worldwide social network map where people can share deals."

As I read these I feel a sense of excitement. Jotting quotes, "The generation of urban hustlers has learned not to judge others by the color of their skin but rather the content of their iPhones." Emailing quotes and ethnographic research findings I read onto my friends. Of course, knowing their email will alert them in seconds on their phone.

Then I come across an article about airlines using twitter as a crisis management, CRM, and promotional tool. Does it ever stop? The one place I thought there was still peace on this world, where people turned off their electronics and opened a book.

When will it become too saturated? When will the digital space not provide a large enough impact and experience for people to spend their whole budget on building their brand through a channel that may be new to them? As I see people on Twitter reading about a seminar where people are making money by teaching people how to use Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, I can safely say not before technology presents something newer.

Next week I am going to the Boundary Waters. I will be surrounded by nature. I will be dirtier than Ron Artest's game after a few days. And I will only be turning one thing on or off, my flashlight.