Saturday, January 16, 2010

Renaming the Brand

Company naming. Product naming. The paper shredder.

Five days out of the week, that about sums up my daily physical and conversational interaction. But seven days a week involves some variety of conversation relating to personal name change, as my fiancee and I prepare for that uniting day. Yes, you could say the Steichen "brand" is growing, as I've found a partner I could not be happier with and believes in my brand enough to take on its school debt.

Every brand has a story. No matter what a name is representing, a person or product/service, it has something it's representing and a reputation it continues to build and sustain. Our culture is littered like the LA streets with names that are a result of rebranding. Did you know Shania Twain was once Eilleen Regina Edwards? Alice Cooper was Vincent Damon Furnier? Accenture was Anderson Consulting?

With all of the soft and hard costs to consider when renaming, the diagram below shows some of the similarities between corporate and personal renaming.