Thursday, May 24, 2012

Innovation Day 2012

The Roundtable felt like it was an overall success at UnitedHealth Group's Innovation Day 2012. There were numerous things we wanted to communicate at our booth: (1) How we will be conducting the UHG Summer Intern Project this summer. (2) The importance of cross-functional teams. (3) Innovation can happen organically in a large corporation and we can be the poster child for bottom up innovation. (4) Unencumbered by bureaucracy, we help accelerate and mobilize ideas inside the business in effort to bring them to life. This video illustrates examples of current projects that we are working on today and our message:

We met great people and got insightful feedback on the question we highlighted at the booth - Could Facebook radically change the health care industry? How? Each person was asked to write their thoughts on a colored post-it for whether Facebook is in the position to be a major player in the health care industry. We got a multitude of answers with 168 people recording yes I think Facebook can radically change the health care industry, and 73 recording no. The thought behind the excercise was two-fold. One, we wanted to show an example of the type of brainstorming exercise we conduct at our weekly meetings, and two, we wanted to communicate that we must think about who could be our competitor five to ten years from now outside of the typical competitor we think about today.

A few pictures from the day:

Team members from left to right: Justin Ley, David Berglund, Jason Goux, myself, Ben Grabski, Todd Nielsen. Need to Photoshop in Tina Atkinson.

David Berglund engaging UHG CEO, Steve Hemsley.

With Wellbeing guru, Keith Roberts.

That's a wrap.