Friday, July 11, 2008

JMW Cycling Class

Much like the historic cobblestone streets that lay foot in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom, Minneapolis has some of its own on Saint Anthony Main. Because we are Jack Morton WORLDWIDE, we decided to make our presence on these streets by riding, or should I say awheeling, the customized vehicle from the Netherlands – the PedalPub. My first question when pulling up to this ten person bike was why didn’t I see this in the movie Beerfest? The game possibilities generating in my head were endless, yet maybe untasteful for the family streets of Minneapolis.

I would be cliché and make a comment on how efficient this Fietscafe (created by Zwier and Henk Van Laar) would be for carpooling during our gas crisis, but the Netherlands don’t pump out cars like China. The PedalPub costs $40,000, a price to pay for having the only one in North America. I imagine China’s Fietscafe would sit lower to the ground similar to a massive easy chair bike to offset the 5’3” height requirement to hop on the PedalPub.

As our eight person journey began, a few of us had some questions and pointers for our driver and co-owner of PedalPub, Eric Olson. Sam asks, “How far to the closest bar?” Interrupted by Tina’s confusion, “I feel like I’m not peddling?” Before Eric can reply the marketing in Larry suggests, “Instead of ‘It’s SLOW Fun’, it should be ‘It’s SLOW Much Fun!’” Larry, did you bill them yet?

City ordinance prohibited us from drinking on city streets so half of our cycling class was spent stopping to replenish inside on a stool. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, currently we are not accepting applications. However, PedalPub is looking for people to expand its business outside Minnesota. Cobblestone streets not required.