Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rock The Vote

This election has more buzz than previous elections for obvious reasons - the economic downturn, war, and a young and enthusiastic African American candidate running against what reminds me of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, and his trophy assistant. I'm not usually going to intervene on a political conversation, but this year has sparked a debate that I have an interest in sharing my opinion. Why I took the time to appear at a Rock the Vote concert (not to mention it was conveniently located on campus, was free, and had Jack Johnson playing). It is interesting that Rock the Vote's mission is to get young people to make sure they vote. Yet, it was more of a traveling music campaign for Obama, just without saying it. References were made that it is time for change, no more war, and Bush has screwed things up.

I did not notice any McCain buttons or Halloween costumes in attendance. I did notice some enthusiastic and opinionated college students yell, "cut the bullshit." Not sure if they were referencing our current economic situation or were ready to hear some "Banana Pancakes," but I'm going to give these VCU educated some credit and assume it was intended as a pun.