Saturday, August 7, 2010


Minnesotans are known to take full advantage of their summer free time outdoors after enduring the long winter months. For those that are not soaking in the rays on the lake, you may find them taking advantage of the 127 miles of bike trails (83 miles are off street trails) Minnesota has to offer.

Amongst all the trails that contribute to the healthy state and sustainable transportation, The Greenway Trail plays host to a vast variety of characters and cyclists. Many families and commuters can be found on The Greenway Trail that is 5.66 miles and ranges from Saint Louis Park to West River Parkway. Whether cyclists are using the Greenway for leisure, sport, or as a commuting alternative, they are all contributing to the Minnesota biking culture that is growing while becoming more popular and publicized.

“I Bike MN” t-shirts are becoming more apparent around Minneapolis after Bicycling Magazine named Minneapolis as America’s best bike city. And companies are taking notice. To capitalize on Minnesotans desire to get out and explore their city, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota donated $1 million to create the largest bike-sharing program in the country. The cultural shift has brought 700 bikes and 65 kiosks stations to Minneapolis and surrounding areas where individuals can rent bikes with the swipe of a credit card and peddle off with the blue and neon green bike that reads “Do.”

Having no connection to Nike’s slogan “Just Do It,” the Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s slogan “Do” does take on a similar attitude. The bike-sharing program, named Nice Ride Minnesota, plans to increase its numbers by adding another 300 bikes and 15 kiosks by next spring. More information can be found on where to rent your bike at Nice Ride Minnesota. If your looking to dump the banana seat and get serious about riding or want to view trail maps, check out the Twin Cities Bicycling Club.