Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This morning I was fortunate to attend AdFed's event which featured Ann Mack, Trendspotter at JWT, speaking on '10 Trends That Will Shape the World in 2011 and Beyond.' There I ran into fellow VCU Brandcenter alum and strategist, Ed Reilly.

Matt: Ed, what's up with the new age camera?

Ed: It's my business card.
Matt: Huh?
Ed: It's my business card. [Turns to the person sitting next to us] Would you mind taking a picture of us?

[Camera prints photo and I'm handed his business card, which has a front and back]

When getting back to my desk I type in the URL from the business card and receive this personalized message:

" Hi Matt - Thanks for your willingness to test my new business card format. I think it's a bit inconvenient though having to ask someone else to take the photo. We'll see if I continue.

My original thought was in this new world of "hyper-personalization," why should business cards be left behind? It's all about customized personal connections.

Thanks again for the referral to the position at Carrot.

Let's keep in touch,

Ed Reilly "

Ann Mack's trend #9 was 'hyper-personalization.' Ann's presentation was consumer focused as Ed has brought 'hyper-personalization' to networking. This interaction was memorable, engaging, and continued after shaking hands when the event was over.

Ed reconfirmed why I happily referred him.