Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Is Not a Tweet

Being able to distribute ideas and information where people, and more of them, are more likely to receive it and converse with others on the likes of Facebook and Twitter has funneled me away from the Blogosphere. Undoubtedly, blogs produce much more personal insight on a topic than a Facebook status or 'tweet.' But the simplicity of a two-click post on a phone generally wins every time over sitting down and typing a thoughtful post. I'm guilty of it myself.

A blog provides a platform that allows others to see what's inside your head. To understand why you found something interesting or why an idea you have is worth sharing. I'm naive enough to think someone stopped here to see what I'm currently thinking rather than posting thoughts of their own.

So what am I thinking... Much like how a blog provides a platform to share creative ideas, many corporations need a platform that provides a place for employees to share their creative ideas. To share ideas in-depth, without a character number restriction. I'm an advocate that creativity can be learned and can come from anywhere. Yes, an accountant can be creative. Have you tried telling a story using only numbers? I've seen it done.

Under Work, you can find a Keynote titled 'The Roundtable.' This idea was designed with a specific company in mind in order to accelerate engagement among future leaders that are hungry to do more. There are two components: (1) Educating - Building a knowledge base to be a more efficient employee will aid in frameworking ideas. (2) Innovation - Providing an experience to collaborate on ideas that employees have a vested interest in.

Two videos I grabbed clips from that are inspirational in making my case for 'The Roundtable':
David Logan - Tribal Leadership
Daniel Pink - Motivation