Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Health Literacy

Health care is complex and confusing and if you were to synchronize or standardize a process within the industry, you could be safe to call it a big idea. 

As health care will begin becoming commercialized and placing more focus on the consumer, the more important it is to speak their language - done through words and design. Wired Magazine shows a true example when redesigning Patient Lab Results Forms.

However, many people learn visually through experience. Awareness is not enough, people must engage to sustain learning. “Tryvertising” is a new marketing trend that focuses on engagement. As opposed to historical marketing campaigns that begin by educating consumers on a new product or service through messaging, Tryvertising takes a fresh approach to education and awareness that actually starts with consumers evaluating the usefulness of a product with trial, and then making a final decision on continued usage.

In the near future I believe you will see many more trial opportunities as a consumer in relation to billing, patient visits, scheduling, testing, and more.